Sugandha is driven by her love for homemade and handmade products. She co-founded Phulo Phalo, with her paternal aunt, to empower more seniors like her to showcase their culinary wisdom to the world.

With an MBA in Marketing and a family legacy in Ayurvedic medicine, Sugandha brings business acumen and a passion for holistic wellness to the brand. Her passion extends to cultivating a kitchen garden, growing fresh herbs, and embracing natural, sustainable living practices.

Her personal philosophies embrace natural and sustainable products, slow living, and preserving cultural arts. Immersive stays in Assam and Arunachal amplified her commitment to simple living and sustainability.An empathetic listener and community-builder, Sugandha conscientiously connects with the seniors benefiting from Phulo Phalo. She manages marketing, sales, and customer relations, while co-founder, Madhu ji, her paternal aunt, handles production.

She works hard to build a community around Phulo Phalo, turning customers into friends who appreciate clean-label, homemade products. Sugandha finds a sense of purpose in supporting her senior team members and their passions. She also enjoys travelling and reading in her free time, and is currently pursuing a distance learning course in psychology.


Madhu ji's passion for homemade and handmade items led her to start her entrepreneurial journey at 60, considering it her second innings in life, alongside her niece. She inherited a passion for traditional methods from her grandfather who was a known Ayurvedic doctor and her grandmother.

Madhu ji's discerning eye for quality ingredients and commitment to traditional processes upholds the brand's authenticity. She employs traditional techniques such as slow flame roasting, iron vessels for preparation, handpounding rock sugar and whole spices, and sun drying products, enhancing shelf life and flavour.Her Chai Masala recipe emerged from a loyal customer's request, echoing a profound connection with her clientele. She derives fulfilment from innovating with product combinations and takes joy in customers' appreciation of seemingly simple products like Chaat Masala.

Her personal philosophies align with the brand's mission and values, emphasising support for natural and sustainable products, love for traditional cultural art and recipes, and a commitment to helping senior women start a second innings in their own lives.

During her free time, Madhu ji explores new recipes on YouTube and actively engages in the stock market using an app on her phone after learning it from her niece.


Meet Meenakshi ji from Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh, a custodian of traditional recipes. With a background in Home Science and Arts, her love for pickles inherited from her mother led her to creating homemade products. Inspired by local women selling their creations, Meenakshi embarked on her own journey. She has refined her pickle-making skills over time, using locally sourced, preservative-free ingredients for an authentic taste. Her mother's appreciation for her products is a treasured memory that inspires her and her commitment to creating unadulterated creations.

With her family’s support, she launched a small pickle business. After her husband's I'll health and her daughters' marriages, she struggled to maintain it. Joining Phulo Phalo has allowed her to delegate packaging, sales, and marketing, expanding her products' reach. Now, she can wholeheartedly focus on crafting her creations. Collaborating with Phulo Phalo has empowered her as a working woman. Meenakshi ji hopes that the future holds more wonderful pickle varieties and culinary exploration for her.


Meet Sneh Lata ji from Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, steeped in the art of preserving traditional flavours. Her journey rooted in joint family traditions, is a testament to her love for age-old recipes. Sneh Lata's commitment lies in using authentic, time-honoured recipes, never compromising on quality or quantity. She's her products' harshest critic, ensuring they meet her high standards.

One unforgettable moment in her journey with Phulo Phalo, was the joy her fresh green chilli pickle’s smell brought to the founder's sister. Fondly known as ‘Achaar Wali Aunty’ in her neighbourhood, Sneh Lata ji draws inspiration from her family's love, motivating her to continue her culinary journey. Her aspiration is for a thriving future with Phulo Phalo, sharing her cherished recipes and preserving heritage.


Meet Urvashi ji from Bhatinda, Punjab, dedicated to preserving traditional Indian flavours. Raised in Patiala, she learned the art of cooking at a young age, which evolved into a passionate hobby. Urvashi's culinary journey is steeped in family traditions, especially her love for timeless Indian recipes like gulkand. Her commitment shines through labour-intensive processes, like handpicking and sun-drying each rose petal for gulkand. Her meticulous approach extends to her Pindi Chole Masala and Aam Papad recipes.

In 2020, she began selling her spice blends independently. Following her husband's passing and her daughter settling overseas after marriage, she found herself with more free time. To maintain a busy schedule and have some financial stability, she has diversified her product range and also works with handloom artisans. Urvashi ji's professional journey with Phulo Phalo began through her daughter-in-law's introduction. Being part of the Phulo Phalo community brings her joy, and she looks forward to experimenting and expanding her range of products.


Meet Reeta ji from Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, on a mission to preserve tradition and love through her homemade products. She ventured into traditional food preparations after leaving her teaching job post COVID pandemic. Influenced by her mother-in-law's culinary wisdom, she follows traditional methods of preparation and prioritises authenticity and quality of raw ingredients.

Reeta ji’s journey was reignited by her late husband's love for pickles, making them with care in his memory. Using locally sourced ingredients, she creates flavours reminiscent of home and rich in natural goodness. As a part of Phulo Phalo, Reeta ji finds satisfaction and confidence in her work. Preserving age-old culinary traditions motivates her. Her aspiration is to grow with Phulo Phalo and continue sharing her creations.


Meet Renu ji from Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, whose journey into traditional food preparations is a delightful blend of heritage and affection. Food is Renu ji's love language, and she delights in preparing various dishes for her loved ones. Raised in Sonipat, Haryana, she drew inspiration from her grandmother-in-law, igniting her passion for crafting homemade products. Her maternal sister-in-law further enriched her culinary repertoire. Her deep appreciation for family traditions and culinary influences transcending generations fuels her journey.

Renu ji has expertly mastered recipes passed down through her family. Quality and authenticity are non-negotiable in her kitchen. She employs iron or steel vessels, avoids plastic, and uses premium raw ingredients to maintain authenticity. Collaborating with Phulo Phalo allows her to share this love with a wider audience. She wishes to continue with this venture for a long, fulfilling journey ahead.