About Phulo Phalo

“When I first started this business, I had no idea I would receive so much love for Phulo Phalo. For a small business, whose journey started back in September 2020 in a backyard, from 6 products, to now over 40, in a span of one and a half year, I am proud of how people love our handmade and authentic tasting products, curated with love from our elderly team members.”

Suganda Bathla
Founder, Phulo Phalo India

In India, home-cooked food has a separate fan base for people who are living far away from their homes. Be it students, who left their hometowns for pursuing their higher education, to bachelors who live kilometres away from their homes to earn their livelihood, Ghar ke rajma chawal ki baat hi kuch aur hoti hai. Just like someone’s presence alone is enough to make you feel at home, similarly, some food items just make you miss your hometown, a little too much.

In an attempt to bring you a little closer to the essence of your home, Phulo Phalo’s entire team is dedicated to bringing the best Indian flavours and preserving the age-old traditions and long-lost arts. Phulo Phalo is an Indian brand whose initiative is to bring together the combination of a mother’s love and sustainability and let it reach the current generation. Phulo Phalo is an initiative taken up by women of two generations that facilitates elderly people to be able to sell their homemade and handmade products online.

We have homemade spice blends, pickles, assorted nut mixes, organic homegrown herbs, and wellness products. We also encourage the art of crocheting and weaving handmade crochet clothing which is handknitted to perfection by our team.

“We’re so used to eating packed jams and pickles, that the current generation has forgotten what a pickle of ‘Kachi kairi’ sourced directly from organic farms looks and tastes like” says Buaji, one of our founder members at Phulo Phalo.

“Phulo Phalo is not just another brand that sells natural & homemade kitchen spices and pickles. We aim to empower people along the way, especially women. To be associated with a brand that understands the representation of women, is empowering, especially when all our team members are strong and hard-working women, who have a zest for life”.

When we eat something so good made by someone, we just casually say..”oh,you should start selling it..”. It can be something as simple as Nimbu ka achaar sent by our aunt or Paneer tikka barbeque hosted by our friend’s father. But at Phulo Phalo, we just down believe in casually saying this. We work on implementing these statements & believe if someone from older generations has products with recipes worth selling & healthy at the same time then we are going to get them on shelves for you. 

All our team members are extremely hardworking women, who specialise in age-old recipes and strive to share their remedial treasures with a wider audience through our brand. We also thoroughly understand the importance of women's empowerment and fortunately enough are able to provide a platform for them, who were confined to their neighbours and relatives for pickle and chutney orders. We, at Phulo Phalo, have encouraged several women to find a purpose in their lives, which motivates them to continue doing what they have enjoyed doing so far, with the help of kitchen wisdom, traditional recipes, and Ayurveda.

For a company who firmly believes in sustainability, we specialise in the non-usage of plastic packaging, along with believing in recycling, rather than creating waste. At Phulo Phalo, we strive to make our products with the utmost care and in a traditional way, so that the aroma and flavour remain intact.

“All you need is less” - Our approach towards upcycled packaging has been carefully thought out, and to make the most of our packaging, we at Phulo Phalo, use newspaper shredding and reused corrugated brown rolls, instead of mainstream bubble wraps. Our boxes for shipping are the ones, reused for Phulo Phalo couriers, as well as the boxes collected at home post orders from different brands. The use of glass bottles, and newspaper shreddings to provide cushioning in packaging boxes instead of plastic airbags, are some of the measures we take towards making the environment better for everyone in the society.

Our wide range of products is inspired by ‘the aroma of authenticity’. We create small batches of products that are a 100% handmade, which bring you back to your childhood memories of the summer season when you would be back from a very long day at school, and your mother would serve you piping hot lunch with some rice, dal and a side of mango pickle which you would eat while watching your favourite cartoon.

Come, fall in love at first bite with Phulo Phalo where we share Food,Culture & Love.