Madhu Prakash's life has been a tapestry of stories and experiences. At the age of 60, she discovered herself in solitude, with the memories of her late husband's companionship deep in her heart. Her journey has been one of delayed yet never forgotten dreams, a true show of resilience. 

Hailing from a business-oriented family in Meerut, Madhu harboured ambitions of her own entrepreneurial legacy. However, an early marriage led her to momentarily set aside her aspirations. While fulfilling her societal roles, her desire to craft something distinctly her own persisted. Prioritising life's demands, Madhu dedicated a full decade to providing care and support for her husband as he courageously fought his battle with cancer.

Following her husband's passing, Madhu found herself at a crossroads. Her health began to falter, and loneliness crept into her life. Though financially secure, she sought a renewed sense of purpose. Fate intervened through her niece, Sugandha.

Sugandha, a caring spirit and teeming with innovative ideas, recognized Madhu's untapped potential. She has been a witness of the love and care Madhu poured into her homemade creations– their recipes carefully handed down from generations before. These creations had brought smiles to their family members over the years.

She was quick to realise that Madhu and her talent was one of the many similar stories of countless seniors who possessed well-honed traditional culinary skills, but lacked the means to reach a wider audience. 

Thus, ‘Phulo Phalo’ was born– a platform celebrating seniors and their abilities. The aim of the brand was and has been to provide a renewed purpose, a safe community, and forging a lasting bond between our senior team members and customers. A stage to present their homemade treasures to the world, while we take care of the nuances of branding, packaging, marketing, and ensuring food safety compliance.

We take pride in our thoughtfully curated collection of traditional products, which not only preserves age-old recipes but also honours the skilled artisans behind them, weaving their stories into our legacy.

We are proud to present heritage recipes like Pindi Chole Masala by Urvashi ji from Bhatinda to the ancient spice blend from Kanpur known as Buknu Powder by Urmilla ji. We also offer traditionally prepared Rajasthani Chunda, seasonal Punjabi Gobhi Shalgam Pickle, Rose-flavoured Sattu Drink Mix and Nimbu Chuhara(lemon-infused dried dates).

Today, Phulo Phalo stands tall with a hardworking team of over 20 members, including Madhu and many more. They craft over 40 traditional grocery and gourmet products, preserving legacies and stories. 

“We hope to create a rare bond between a creator and a customer where your every purchase with us, brings a piece of someone's remarkable journey to your table...”